Over a two year period service users, artists, film-makers, counsellors, psychologists and a dietitian came together in collaboration with a web designer to develop this website.

This was funded with assistance from Cardiff and Vale Health Lottery.


My Experience with Creative Insights by a Service User

My experience with the creative insights team is much more than just a project. It has been a rock for me throughout the past couple of months. Even though I have an insight into the matter at hand, I am still learning and educating myself on it.

I am beyond grateful for the experience I have had, and I have met the most wonderful, inspirational, and special people. The group will write creatively each sharing our own experiences and knowledge. From our writing and conversations, we then create artwork based on what we have discussed. Our writing and discussions get a creative ball rolling and is a catalyst for creating new pieces of work.

As well as this, it enhances our knowledge and is also helping us personally, giving us something positive to focus on and bringing us together, a safe space and a safe haven in a way. Also knowing that we are creating something that will hopefully change people’s lives for the better.

The project is personal to us. We want to give back, we want to support the way we have been supported, to help the way we have been helped.

The creative process has been eye-opening, it has changed my outlook on how I tackle projects and has changed the way I work as an illustrator, because now I have obtained new methods and skills.

The overall experience has been truly remarkable for me. I have made some genuine friendships and have met people that make me feel that I am able to be myself. These people continue to inspire me daily. Each and every member of the team are really extraordinary people and I deem myself exceptionally lucky and fortunate to have had this opportunity.