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Mental Health & Wellbeing Cymru 


Learning different ways to improve our mental wellbeing, as wellas having information and the skills to cope with different emotions and difficult thoughts, can made a real difference to our lives.


Beat is a charity dedicated to supporting people with eating disorders and raising public awareness about eating disorders. Their website has a wide range of information and details of helplines and forums to access for further support.

Centre for Clinical Interventions -

Lots of different short factsheets about various aspects of eating disorders. There are also workbooks for overcoming disordered eating and perfectionism.

EDH (Eating Disorder Hope) -

Resources to help provide information and support for those with an eating disorder, as well as family and friends helping support others with an eating disorder.

Binge Eating Therapy -

Helpful advice for people with a relative with an eating disorder.

Creating Hope Together -

Recipe videos designed specifically for people recovering from an eating disorder. There is also a useful ‘myth-busting’ page on eating disorders.

Male Voice ED -

Information for boys and men who experience eating disorders

ARFID Awareness UK -

A UK-based charity dedicated to raising awareness about Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) and supporting those who experience is and their families

FEAST – Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders -

Families empowered and supporting treatment of eating


Mind is a mental health charity and this part of their website is specific to eating disorders. It provides general information for eating disorders, as well as information for family and friends and how they can help.

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably

Provides a helpline and web chat service for men experiencing difficulties with the aim of reducing male suicides.

Mindfulness -

This website has free audio downloads for guided mindfulness meditation. The clips vary from short under 5 minute meditations, to up to 45 minutes.

Alternatively, see the following apps

  • Recovery Record (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    A free app, which allows you to record your meals and snacks, as well as your thoughts, feelings and urges through the day. The app has a large range of features.

  • Stop, Breathe, and Think (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    A meditation app with information on the types and benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

  • Rise Up + Recover (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    Similar to Recovery Record, Rise Up + Recover is a free app which lets you record your meals and feelings.

  • Headspace (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    A meditation app made simple, which has shown to help people feel less stressed, focus more and sleep better.

  • Positive Thinking – The Key To Happiness (iPhone)

    Recovery Record

    This app helps you to have a successful, healthy and happy life by providing knowledge on how to be positive.

  • Before I Eat (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    Before I Eat helps you manage food cravings and eating urges as they occur using a built-in coach with over 100 minutes of audio.

  • 3 (Android)

    Recovery Record

    A free app, which lets you record different situations you have found difficult as you go through the day.

  • MyCare (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    Developed by the Meriden Family Programme in partnership with families and carers of people who live with mental health difficulties.

  • The Mindfulness App (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    Helps you become more present in your life – a key principle of DBT, mindfulness helps you maintain a moment-by-moment principle in life.

  • Recovery Box (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    Designed to keep people with addictions accountable during recovery – recovering from an eating disorder can be similar to recovering from addiction. It has a separate programme for eating disorders.

  • Stigma (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    Designed to connect people living with the same challenges.

  • RealifeChange (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    Allows you to log all of your daily experiences, feelings, social interactions and moods, then offers constructive feedback and insights

  • MindShift (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    Specifically designed to help teens and young adults deal with anxiety in a healthy way

  • What’s Up? – A Mental Health App

    Recovery Record

    Combines tools from CBT and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) to help deal with feelings of depression, anger, stress and anxiety. It helps identify negative thinking patterns, put a current issue into perspective and rate feelings of the day.

  • iCBT (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    iCBT helps you practice CBT outside of your therapist’s office in your own time.

  • Diet or Disorder? (iPhone & Android)

    Recovery Record

    Tools to support and empower sufferers and carers in a portable format. A simple screen tool helps identify whether they or someone they care about may have an eating disorder.

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