bath self care1

 There are times when everything feels overwhelming,

Recognising that you need to pause, take time out and to give yourself
permission to look after yourself is one of most important elements of recovery.

What works for you might be different to what works for some else
Here are our individual ideas for self- care that we hope might inspire you:

Self Care Ideas. . .

A hot bath, Face masks, Listening to music,

Colouring, Being creative ,drawing.

Going for a walk, spending time in nature, not listening to 'shoulds'.

Regular healthy eating, regular sleep, doing something for someone else.

Notice what you have achieved and what you are proud of,  yoga.

Watch your favorite TV program, connect to your faith, take time out.

Dance, have fun, keep hydrated.

Exercise, practice mindfulness, take a social media break.

Make allowances for yourself, rest , create a calm space.

Spend time with your pets, keep your appointments, learn some grounding techniques.

Read a book,  notice beauty around you, connect with friends.

Play an instrument, learn to say no, ask for help.

What Inspires me

Inspiration could be of something or someone, but my whole life I spent trying to find that something or someone to be inspired by.Throughout my life and facing many difficulties I have come to the realisation that I aspire to be that person who could use her difficulties in life to help others who are dealing with similar situations and that person who is always ready to listen without judgement.


Sometimes it can be too easy to lose sight of what is important and what matters as hope drains away. Like a storm sweeping in and stripping all that is good.

How do we keep going and put one foot in front of the other? As the black clouds gather and cast a dark shadow over our hopes and dreams, swallowing up every positive thought we once dared to have.