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EatingDisorderOnce we have met with you and agreed we will work together, this work will be based around your motivation to change the Eating Disorder. The stages of change diagram opposite helps us think about this with you.  People most often come to us for help when they are in the preparation or action stage, sometimes when they are in contemplation, but rarely when they are in pre-contemplation.  We are aware that it is often a complicated route into our service: sometimes loved ones have worried about the people we see for a long time before they are persuaded to come to us, some people put themselves forward for change and then aren’t sure and change their minds.

Our services are designed around helping you achieve the change that is right for you in an honest and collaborative way. If we don’t think what we are doing together is going well – we will talk to you about it. At the same time we will always be mindful of any risk that the eating disorder may be having on you, both mentally and physically, and will talk to you about these aspects in some depth if we are worried about you in any way.

We use a wide range of treatments and strive to make sure that what we offer has the best evidence base behind it. We receive good feedback from people who have used our services and some people have shared these insights on this website – see “Our Journeys”.

Please note that we do have waiting lists for some of our services.

 The Route into Our Service

We think it is best to meet with us so that we can then discuss the options for change for you. There are lots of different routes that can lead to recovery and it is within the assessment process and the various reviews that we will do with you along the way, that we can talk these options through with you.

You will need to speak to your GP to commence the referral process.  Your GP is likely to ask you some questions regarding your eating disorder and how it is impacting on your life. They are likely to want to carry out some routine tests to check on your physical health. Please do attend for these physical checks, as they can really help us gain a picture of your needs and options for treatment at assessment.

Your GP may then refer you to the most appropriate mental health service for assessment.  This will either be the Primary Mental Health Support Service or the Community Mental Health Team:

These two services offer a general mental health assessment ensuring that while an eating disorder may be present other aspects of your mental health needs are also considered for treatment too.  If you’re referred to our service we will offer an additional assessment which will allow us to look at the Eating Disorder (ED) in more depth with the benefit of a previous general assessment to guide us.  Sometimes, an important collaborative relationship is formed between the Cardiff and Vale Adult Eating Disorders Services and the general mental health service, and this process of two referrals can help to get this process going.    


Transfer of care

If you are a professional from out of area please speak to a member of our team for our referral route into Cardiff and Vale UHB. Patient will need to register with GP in their local area before transfer of care can commence. Referral route


Team Interviews
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Got some doubts?

We know that change can be a daunting prospect. Many people feel anxious about seeking help. That’s ok – we will be here for you when it is time.  Just make sure you and your GP manage any risks well in the meantime.  Sometimes we get involved when someone becomes so unwell that they just can’t continue to manage on their own, and if this happens to you, we will be there for you too, but asking for help as soon as you can is best for you, so please consider it. 

BEAT may give you the insight you need to make a change.  Try their website, get involved with their online support.  It may give you the encouragement you need.

Waiting by H


As the letter drops on the floor, I see my name.

I’m confused and scared as I open it.

I see I have an appointment and my hands are shaking,

wondering how did things get so bad.


Counting down the days, even though I’m worried.

What if they can’t help? What if they don’t take me seriously?


The day has arrived and I’m in the waiting room.

Waiting for the dreaded moment my name gets called.

Hands sweating, wondering if it’s too late to leave.


Then my name gets called, my heart’s beating fast

and I’m scared to look but with all my strength I

manage to look up and I’m greeted with a smile.

A smile that speaks the words, “It is OK”.


As I am being guided to the allocated room,

I’ve become mute like I have forgotten how to speak

but I look at the professional and I see that

smile again and my heart slows down to a

steady beat and I realise I am safe and they will help me.



I didn’t care. What did they matter anyway?
I didn’t have time for them any more.
Cycling alone, I could do what I wanted.
I could go further and faster,
pushing and pushing myself to exhaustion.
It felt exhilarating.

My legs screaming, my heart pounding, every breath
Was deep and painful. Tears pouring from my face.
Frustration, anger, PAIN. I couldn’t do it any more,
I didn’t have the energy or strength.
I had pushed my body beyond the limits.
I lost my balance.
I fell hard and fell fast.

I needed help. I was scared.
I thought I needed a break.
I tried, but I kept failing to reach where I had left.
Had I failed? Was this something else I was no good at?
What would people say?
I was a failure...I am no good.

As I began to tell my story, I realised
This was not about riding my bike, this was about something far deeper:
My feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem.
The bike became my distraction; it also became my accomplice for harm.

Therapy takes time. I have travelled further
Than I ever could on a bike to get to where I am today.
There is no super-speed in therapy. It’s painful,
And the tears still flow. But the fear is less, and once again
I can stop and take a moment to take in the sights, the smells,
And appreciate the wind on my face once again.

I could not see that I was already enough.
I don’t always see it every day, but…
I love to ride my bike.

Life is like riding a bike: to keep your BALANCE you have to keep moving.

The key is balance.